Waiting List                    

​We do take wait list deposits for upcoming or current litters. We are not a big rattery so we do not have many litters. Our main focus is hedgehogs. Please check out our hedgehog website here:
Fairhaven Hedgehogs

Most of our standard rats are $30-40 each.

You must buy 2 rats if you do not already have rats at home. Rats are HIGHLY social and need a friend to stay happy.

You are not allowed to officially reserve specific rats until they are 4 weeks old. At 4 weeks we will temperament test and take updated pictures and then contact our wait list so they can choose which babies they would like to reserve.

Rat deposits are $30 (and a $2 PayPal handling fee).
The $30 goes towards the total, the rest is due in cash once you pick up.

​Current wait list
Updated 2/24/19